Planning a Project for Next Year? Start Planning Now!

Do you dream of having the whole family over for Thanksgiving dinner in the new addition next year? You better start planning now!

As the days grow shorter, the kids, return to school and there is the autumn crispness in the air many people are getting ready to hibernate for the winter.

Many people begin to think about their home renovation plans when they wake from their slumber in the spring. Unfortunately that is too late! If you have a project that you are considering, this fall is the time to begin your planning.

Many projects can take up to a year to complete so if you would like that kitchen addition complete for next years Thanksgiving dinner now is the time to start the process.

Beginning with a thorough analysis of your needs, wishes and budget Chace Architecture will walk you through several different ways to address your project and tailor the designs in several stages of development. We will engage in a thorough budget analysis with vetted contractors to ensure your project as designed will be delivered on budget. The best contractors will be scheduling their spring and summer builds, so now is the time to ensure their availability for your project. This process can take a several months.

Depending on the scope and complexity of the project, and the permitting requirements of each town, we may need to engage in zoning, conservation, or board of health reviews and submissions. We will engage with our partner consultants to guide you through this often complex process. Permitting may contribute several months to your schedule.

With the planning completed in the winter months, contractors will mobilize to start work at the first signs of spring, and when conditions are right we can begin work. Chace Architecture will work with you and your contractor to lay out short-term, long range, and critical path schedules so that you know what to expect in the coming months. It is not unusual for projects to last six months or more.

With the right preparation, and the right team in place, planning your project now can allow you to rest assured your project will be complete before the snow flies next year!