What are Construction Administration Services, And Are They Necessary?

Let’s start with the last question, first.  Are they necessary? Absolutely!

When you hire Chace Architecture we remain at your service from Concept-to-Completion

Our work does not end with completing the design and documentation.

The translation of the project from drawing to reality needs to be thoughtfully guided by the architect.

The pressures of construction can compromise design integrity and the quality of the built work, and we remain as your advocate throughout construction.

At this point we will have considered innumerable options throughout our design process. Our presence throughout construction ensures the best possible outcome for your investment and the quality of the completed work.

In this phase we hold onsite progress meetings with Owner and Contractor on a timely schedule and at project milestones so that all parties know and understand what has been done, and what needs to be done.

We review and respond to vendor and contractor Requests for Information (RFI) and issue sketches (SK’s) to coordinate construction details with evolving onsite conditions.

We coordinate and document product and fixture specifications with the owner and contractor.  Review change orders and adjustments to budget. Provide electrical and mechanical plans on a design-build basis in coordination with the contractor and trade sub-contractors.

Finally, we work with the Owner and the Contractor to finalize a punch-list and close out the project so that you may enjoy your new space, happy that everything was done to your satisfaction.

We take this phase of work very seriously, and value those clients and contractors who also appreciate this collaborative and proactive process for project delivery.