Spruce Point Lakefront Cabin

  • City: East Madison, New Hampshire
  • Notes:

    The lakefront cabin is located on the wooded shore of Purity Lake known as Spruce Point. A favorite location of our friend George Croft, this cabin was built in his honor. It was designed to house a group of children on overnight trips from nearby Camp Tohkomeupog where George spent 25 years teaching the youngest age group. The cabin is a simple structure built over a series of weekends by friends and family. Intended to be reminiscent of the camp cabins from our youth, we took a few opportunities to create special spaces for the campers. A front porch on the inland side serves as a meeting space around the campfire, another on the opposite side overlooks a cove on the lake. Raising the roof on one side allows for a sleeping loft. The screened clerestory allows for air to circulate through the cabin on summer nights, a bird’s eye view of the cove, and star gazing opportunities for the campers. Window shutters operated by a rope and pulley system allow for a fun way to close the cabin from the inside.

  • Builder: Chace Architecture, Friends and Family of Camp Tohkomeupog