Boston Rowhouse

  • City: East Boston, Massachusetts
  • Notes:

    Located adjacent to the Saratoga Street Condominium project, this is the first of the two developments on this street. Chace Architecture also served as the developer, architect, and contractor for this project. This is one of 13 identical Italianate brick row houses built in the 1840’s on Saratoga Street. When purchased, the original 19th century design was concealed behind layers of renovations and modifications made throughout the decades. Dropped fiberglass ceilings were removed only to find two others before reaching the original 9’ plaster ceilings. We demolished the entire interior of the building, even the roof had to go. This allowed us to insert an industrial roof hatch to access the roof, which offers uninterrupted views of downtown Boston, and build a new captains bay window above the bow-front façade. With a blank canvas for the interior, we were allowed the freedom to experiment with materials, construction details, and custom millwork installations.