X-Nesting Table Prototype

I have always had an interest in furniture and product design here at Chace Architecture, creating one off pieces through the years. These can be small design problems with simple solutions that are fun to build.

Born from my proclivity to turn my coffee table at an angle in order to eat in front of the TV, I designed the X-Nesting Table. This put’s the plate right where it should be, between my legs, not way out in front of me. Because of their torqued design they nest into a long coffee table and can be peeled out as individual stools or tables. Pretty simple to assemble, they are made of four identically shaped sides. The geometry from any side is the same. I put together a few small study models to see how far I could push the stability of the geometry, and then verified my findings in a full scale plywood mock-up.

I will be fabricating these as a prototype in the next few weeks from ¼” steel plate and 6/4 American Walnut.