Designing Healthy Spaces in the Age of Covid

New home offices, gyms, and outdoor living areas have quickly become the most sought after goals in home renovation projects as Covid has changed the priorities of how we use our home. We need to provide new ways for family members to work and learn in relative privacy. We need to remain emotionally healthy by exercising our bodies. And, we need healthy living spaces that are connected to, or wholly surrounded by natural fresh air. This project sought to extend… Read More

Siting Your Project in the Landscape

This is a small project with a big impact on the way the homeowners use their backyard. Poorly draining soil surrounding the house was inhospitable to plant growth and the result was a house that did not fully take advantage… Read More

Planning a Project for Next Year? Start Planning Now!

Do you dream of having the whole family over for Thanksgiving dinner in the new addition next year? You better start planning now! As the days grow shorter, the kids, return to school and there is the autumn crispness in… Read More

Newton Floor Area Ratio

Planning a project in Newton, Massachusetts? You probably have questions about the City of Newton Floor Area Ratio. What you need to know about the City of Newton Floor Area Ratio (FAR) Before planning a renovation, addition, or new construction… Read More